Do you have some questions before you Seize the Day? Well, we have some answers. Get in touch with us if your question isn’t listed.

Q: What is Camp Carpe Diem?

A: Camp Carpe Diem is place and a mindset where you can let go of your cell phones, computers, Zoom calls, job titles and professionalism to seek out what makes you grin, giggle and get giddy with excitement for all the things you enjoy or want to experience with people who have been there, done that.

Things like mountain biking, cooking, photography, beer tasting and brewery tours, jeeping, yoga and more.

Camp Carpe Diem is a place to connect with fellow RVers, travelers, nomads, entrepreneurs and on-the-road workers. It’s a place to come together to explore your interests, find your tribe and create a community of like-minded people where personal connections become more important than WIFI connections.

Q: Where is it?

A: Prepare yourself for a long weekend of fun in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Asheville and Brevard, North Carolina on October 20-23, 2022.

Q: Where should I stay?

A: Many of the events will be held on site at the official CCD location at Rutledge Lake RV Park Resort. You are welcome to stay wherever you’d like; but if you want ALL the community, book your stay now at Rutledge Lake RV Park by calling (828) 654-7873 and mentioning Camp Carpe Diem with The Virtual Campground and Living a Stout Life.

Q: What is the official hashtag for social media?

A: #AshevilleCCD2022

Q: What is on the agenda?

A: We are scheduling a variety of events led by people with experience in each topic, so that you can do exactly what you are meant to do at Camp Carpe Diem: explore your interests, find your tribe and build community and connections while enjoying yourself. In other words, seizing the day!

This is the planned agenda, but it could change a little bit depending on weather or other factors.

If you would like to share photos on social media, please use the hashtag #AshevilleCCD2022

2021 Agenda (2022 Agenda Coming Soon!)

Thursday – October 7

1 pm – 4 pm
Registration – Come check in and get your goody bag

2 pm – 4 pm
Choose your adventure:
Guided mountain biking or brewery visit

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Photography Q&A and overview
Barry will answer questions and share tips for better photos

3:30 pm – 4 pm
Camp hike

5 pm – 6 pm
Opening Social
Sponsored by BentonDowns
Meet at KOA Porch behind Main Office for drinks and light snacks
Welcomes and introductions

5:45 pm
Dinner on your own
Note: If joining the night photo session, you might want to plan ahead and bring something to take along

6 pm – 9 pm
Night photography session

8:30 pm
Campfire social (marshmallows included)

Friday – October 8

6:30 am – noon
Morning photography outing on Last Dollar Road

8 am
Fitness Session

8:00 am – 8:30 am
Registration for any latecomers

8:30 am – noon
Choose your adventure: guided mountain biking or hike

Noon – 4 pm
Free time and lunch on your own
-Consider a soak in the local hot springs
-The Farmer’s Market in Ridgway (10 – 3) or exploring Ouray.
-The historic museum in Ouray is excellent.
-Ouray Perimeter hike is a solid three hour strong hike with great views
– Or check out the Cascade Falls Park or Box Canyon Park
– If you are interested in off-roading, see us for suggestions.
– For lunch, we suggest Eatery 66 in Ridgway or Maggie’s in Ouray
– Or you can bet Ken and April will be at one of the breweries in Ouray and/or Ridgway

5:00 pm
Beer Share Social ***Wear your CCD Tee shirt***

5:15 pm
Group Picture

5:30 pm
Bring your goods to share with others at the Picnic Market
If you have items you sell and want to display or demo, we will have an area set up at the Beer Social

6:30 pm
Meat Up Potluck Dinner
Bring your favorite meat and our grill masters will cook it up.
Bring a side to share with others.

8:00 pm
Campfire social with Leave No Trace lesson
Bring your guitar if you have one!

Saturday – October 9

(NOTE: The agenda could be in a bit of flux for beer geeks on Saturday/Sunday, as we’re trying to line up a behind-the-scenes brewery tour, but with staffing issues, it will be a game time decision. We will notify you if this change happens upon registration.)

8 am – 9 am
Fitness Session sponsored by FlexFixx

9 am – 9:30 am
First aid lessons for wilderness adventures Sponsored by FlexFixx

9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guided hike along Crystal Lake

9:30 am – 10 am
Morning bike maintenance clinic

10:00 am – 1:30 pm
Guided mountain biking

1:30 pm
Free time or join the group at Horsefly Brewing in Montrose for lunch and/or beer or wherever you would like to eat lunch in Montrose. Continue beer tour at Two Rascals Brewing in Montrose (with possible distillery layover)

3:15 pm – 8 pm
Golden hour photography jeep trip (sunset 6:43 p.m.)
Will leave from Montrose area

7 pm
Dinner on your own

8:30 pm
Campfire and S’mores-gasbord (all the fixins)

Sunday – October 10

9 am – 10 am
Fitness Session

10 am – 11 am
Coffee and pastries meet up for all and goodbyes for those leaving

One last adventure:
Guided mountain bike, hike or other adventure for those staying

7 pm
Campfire social to talk about boondocking

Monday – October 11

10 am
Depart for nearby boondocking sites – Must be flexible
(The boondocking excursion is not an official paid portion of Camp Carpe Diem. This is an informal opportunity to travel with some experienced boondockers for those of you that want to get your feet wet. Boondocking options are based on weather, number of people, availability of sites, and are not guaranteed.)

Q: Who is hosting this?

A: Your camp guides for this exhilarating weekend are the owners of Living a Stout Life (Ken & April Pishna) and The Virtual Campground (Barry & Debra Benton), all of whom are full-time RVers with great experiences and varied interests to share, along with skills to teach you all you need to know to enjoy the activities that are Camp Carpe Diem.

Q: Will I be able to take part in all the activities?

A: The plan is to schedule them so you can participate in as many as you want. We do ask each attendee to judge for themselves if they are physically able to participate.

Q: Are there additional costs or fees?

A: All activities are included. The cost of any alcohol or food outside what we offer is on your own as is any transportation required to get to activities.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Refunds will be available if you cancel your participation at least 60 days prior to the event. From 59 to 30 days out, we can offer a 50% discount. Less than 30 days is non-refundable.

Q: What if there is another pandemic or other global issue, will I get a refund?

A: We will be keeping a strong eye on the news and will be sure to react if necessary to cancel the event with time to give you a refund.

Q: Who will be leading us on these activities?

A: RVers are a talented group and we have a lot of great professionals who will be sharing their talents and skills. Barry Benton is a professional photographer who leads workshops for amateur photographers to share great places and give tips on capturing images. Debra Benton is a wellness aficionado and an expert in event management. April and Ken Pishna of Living a Stout Life wrote the book on beer tasting and host a podcast to share the stories of brewers. Jill & August Wheeler are mountain biking experts, fitness professionals, and have first aid expertise. They’ll be leading our mountain biking rides, amongst other things. In addition, we have wellness aficionados to lead yoga and stretching classes, cooks, outdoor educators, and more.

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