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Camp Carpe Diem (CCD) is a place and a mindset where attendees let go of their cell phones, computers, Zoom calls, job titles and professionalism to seek out what makes them grin, giggle and get giddy with excitement for all the things they enjoy or want to experience with people who have been there, done that.

Things like mountain biking, hiking, photography, beer and spirits tasting and tours, campfires, and community dinners, and so much more.

“It’s like a no brainer. It’s an easy sell. Easy yes. The part I was most excited about was getting our name out there more. It wasn’t a risky choice.”

Jackie from Sacred Waters Brewing Co (2023 CCD Platinum Sponsor)

sacred waters beer for sponsorship of Opening Night Social

It’s a place to connect with fellow RVers, travelers, nomads, entrepreneurs and on-the-road workers. A place to come together to explore interests, find a tribe and create a community where personal connections become more important than WIFI connections.

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Why should I sponsor CCD?

Sponsoring CCD isn’t your typical sponsorship. You become a part of the community as much as our campers do. Because CCD’s hosts are entrepreneurs and business owners just like you are, we understand that customers are more than just numbers, they are the heart and soul of a business.

We craft community and friendships, turning our campers into actual customers and connections for you.

You’ll receive valuable marketing opportunities, yes. But more importantly, you’ll receive lifelong customers and connections by becoming a part of the CCD community.

community reach for sponsors

Tell me more about sponsoring CCD

There are a variety of sponsorship levels (set and customizable) available to meet your marketing and advertising needs and wants, giving you the best value.

Monetary, goods, and service sponsorship opportunities are all available.

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