Meet Jill and August Wheeler: Mountain Bikers, First Aid Experts, and Fitness Gurus

Meet Jill and August Wheeler. We did, and we instantly fell in love. Too strong of a word choice? Not for these two.  Let me tell you a story, so that you get the complete picture of who these two beautiful people are. They will instantly enhance your life and make you smile with their energy and positive attitude no matter what is thrown at them, including a pandemic.

Don’t get me wrong.  They are human, and they falter and struggle like the rest of us, but they somehow do it with finesse.

We first met Jill and August at the RV Entrepreneur Summit (RVE), a conference meant for RVers building a working life on the road, in March of 2020. You all know what happened in March of 2020.  We had been parked at our campsite at Lake Guntersville State Park in Alabama for a week or so, excited about the conference, when we got the news that the Summit had been cancelled.

Ken and April Pishna with August and Jill Wheeler
Ken and April Pishna with August and Jill Wheeler

Meet Camp Carpe Diem Counselors Jill and August Wheeler

Well, we, along with about 50 other RVE attendees were already on site, and more were still showing up, including Jill and August. This decked out van pulls into the camp spot next to us. And we, being the nosey neighbors that we are, are discreetly checking these new people out. They just looked cool, even at first glance. Wanting to be with the cool kids, and needing to gossip more about the cancellation of the Summit, it was time to meet the neighbors.

These two had literally quit their jobs the week before, moved into their van and drove across the country from their home state of Idaho to attend the RVE Summit in Alabama.  Arriving just when they got notice that the conference was cancelled and the world was shutting down, Jill’s response to the situation was classic,  “Take me to a brewery.”

Love at first sight!

Mountain Biking Skills

And then we went riding with them. Not only do they know their beer (Well sort of, we’ve caught both of them drinking White Claw, but because they are so cool and knowledgeable in all that they do, we’ll forgive them of that flaw), they know mountain biking. These two can tear up and down the trails, making the rocks seem as though they jump out of their way. Their power and magnetic attitude on the bikes are mesmerizing and infectious.  It doesn’t matter if you know how to ride or not, with these two in your corner, you’ll feel empowered to hop on that mountain bike and give it your all.  

Group biking in Salida, Colorado
Group biking in Salida, Colorado

Not only do they kick ass riding, but they kick ass when it comes to encouraging others. They are patient, positive and genuine with everything that they do.  So when it came time to find some mountain biking camp counselors to tag team with us, there was no doubt that Jill and August had to be a part of the Camp Carpe Diem team.

In Their Own Words

If we asked them to write their own bios, there’s no way they would be celebrating themselves as much as we are.  They don’t see themselves as extraordinary humans.  They see themselves as everyday people.  And that’s the brilliance of these two. They are everyday people, creating a life that they love to be involved in, and actually living that life.  And it is that simple fact that makes them extraordinary.  

So while we got to sing their praises, we did ask them a few questions, too.

August and Jill Wheeler
August and Jill Wheeler

Tell us briefly about your background.  In other words, why should people put their trust in you when it comes to mountain biking, fitness, and first aid skills?

(August) “I’ve been mountain biking most of my life.  My first job at 16 was a bike mechanic at Gregg’s Cycle in Seattle.  I even raced collegiate road and mountain biking for the University of Washington.  Mountain biking has always been our gig and basically everywhere we go is centered around biking. 

“I also have an intense medical background, consisting of having been a firefighter, paramedic and Registered Nurse. I am a Paramedic instructor and CPR/First Aid instructor, and have spent many years working in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units.” 

August Wheeler riding in Bend, Oregon
August Wheeler riding in Bend, Oregon

(Jill) “I didn’t get into biking until later in life, but have fallen madly in love with it. I have done a  little road biking and have completed several Ironmans, but I prefer the dirt.  In 2020, I took a level 1 three-day mountain bike skills course where I honed in on my mountain biking skills, and I can’t wait to share these skills with you all.”

August had to jump in here, “Did I mention she’s stupid fast climbing up hill?“ 

How long have you been on the road and traveling?

“We built our van in 2015 and have been part time most of that time.  We left our “day jobs” a little over a year ago and have been loving the challenge and freedom of downsizing to this simple way of living.”

Update: They have since then built out a box truck – the thing is as rad as they are – sold their house, and now live on the road full time.

Jill and August's rig camp mountain biking counselors
Rad rig!

Give us one fun fact about each of you.

(August) “The only food I’ve found that I don’t enjoy is coconut.  It’s a texture thing. I also hate brownies with nuts, but I love nuts and I love brownies.” 

(Jill) “I actually prefer riding up more than riding down.” August has more to say about this.  He’s as enchanted with Jill as we are. “I keep getting her heavier and heavier bikes, but she still kicks my ass uphill.”  

What’s your favorite place in the entire world?

“We would happily call any small mountain town in Nepal home.  Nepal has amazing and friendly people with a refreshingly simple approach to living life.  And it’s friggin’ beautiful.”

We love quotes. Do you have a favorite quote?

“You only die once, but you live every day.”

We know you’re both entrepreneurs and fitness lovers.  Tell us more.

Jill Wheeler "working out" on the FlexFixx
Jill Wheeler “working out” on the FlexFixx

“We created the Flex Fixx system so that we can stay fit on the road.  And we want to share that with you all, too.  It’s a great workout system that is transportable and effective.”

Register for Camp Carpe Diem today!

We can’t wait to ride with Jill and August at Camp Carpe Diem.  If you haven’t met them yet and aren’t registered yet, I’d get busy.  Just these two will make Camp Carpe Diem worth every penny.


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Van-Lifin’, Mountain Bikin’, Beer Drinkin’ Idahoans in the House!

Ken and April had a chance to interview Jill and August way back in March of 2020 for their Craft Beer Travel and Adventure Podcast.  Get to know why we love them so much by listening now.  Click here or listen anywhere you find your podcasts.

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